We have one mission: to encourage children’s publishing professionals to relax and commune in a variety of inspirational settings. Preferably with drinks.

Our events range from impromptu bar gatherings to extended weekend retreats. Speakeasy Literary membership is welcome to reach out and instigate a gathering at any time – just email us!

The Retreat: a tonic for the common conference

Speakeasy Literary retreats are opportunities for writers, editors, and agents to work, relax, and commune in a beautiful setting. The retreat is designed to meet your needs as a writer. You may indulge in as much . . . or as little . . . social interaction as you like. If you’re inspired by the camaraderie of others, there are plenty of opportunities to meet the faculty and other writers on the grounds, at happy hours and meals, at nightly activities, and in one-on-one faculty sessions.

There is space to form an impromptu critique group, or to join a Quiet Room of fellow writers who will notice if you’re checking facebook.  You’re also welcome to hide away in your room with your laptop. If being active gets the creative juices flowing, we invite you to take advantage of our optional getaways and inspiration tours.

Most importantly we hope our faculty and our attendees leave the retreat reinvigorated and ready to work with new friendships and contacts under their belts.

Upcoming Retreats

Fall 2015 – Rivendell

Past Retreats

Fall 2014 – Portland

Spring 2013 – Fallen Leaf Lake